About Me

About Me

Hi I’m Brittany Bunch and I am a freshmen at Wayne State University.

I’m just a girl who is continuously learning how to improve my writing every day.

From my writing experiences so far, I consider myself to be a responsible writer. When I do any of my writing I make sure that I give credit where credit is due.

Whether I am writing on my blog or writing a research paper, I acknowledge the ideas that I used to engage and incorporate new ideas.

I consider myself to be part of different learning with my fellow students, instructors, as well as the readers.

Learning involves everyone and that is what I try to remember while I write.

The acknowledgment of other’s ideas that I use in my writing projects and contributing to other’s learning in class, shows that the habit of mind that best applies to me is responsibility. One example that supports my claim, in particular, is a blog that I posted for this class. This first post was specifically about what I usually write about on a typical day. I explained how in each type of writing I did for the day, it was influenced by my audience and the setting that I was in during those writing processes. As a result, writing that post helped me assess my work as a writer and a learner. This idea of writing on a blog so that the “public” can see it, has the ability to help the reader learn new things as well as develop new ideas. As a responsible writer, I believe that leaning involves everyone, including the writer and the audience.

Another example that shows I am a responsible writer is a research paper where I used credible sources to support my claim within the paper. This paper was about how social media affects our generation today. In order for me to make that claim, I had to have evidence, credible evidence. Once I decided on my final claim, I began to do a lot of researching that supported my claim a few days after. I found lots of online books and reliable articles on a few websites. One reliable website that I used was Wayne States library database. The library has an endless list of online books and articles that are very credible and are used by many Wayne State students, including me. During this process, I was very focused on making sure my sources were trustworthy and given their credit for using their work. I was able to show how I used their ideas in my paper by citing them. That included in-text citations, a works cited page, etc. For that reason this particular artifact supports my claim of being a responsible writer.

Lastly, the final example that gives evidence that I am a responsible writer is a group activity that we’ve done it class, called peer response. For this project, we the students, had to exchange our papers to edit and give feedback on one another’s work. As we exchange feedback with one another, each one of us began to learn from one another. We were able to bounce ideas off of each other as well as give constructive criticism, in doing so, we all were able to create a learning environment. I was then able to contribute to someone else’s learning during this exercise.

In conclusion, each one of my writing projects reflect a different aspect of what a responsible writer is. Whether it’s a blog posting, a research paper, or a peer response session, I am able to display my responsibility in my writing as well as my learning.

Thanks for reading 🙂

For more looks at my writing, check out my blog 

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